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Structured surfaces

Surface structures can achieve both a visually outstanding effect and can also change the physical properties of a product. Without a doubt, VALMEX ORIENTAL and DIMENSIONS, as well as LINENTOP and LEATHERTOP are some of the visual highlights. The different variations lead to an optically attractive appearance. On the other hand, customers throughout the world need anti-slip tarpaulins, such as for sports mats, for various types of sport and leisure activities. The anti-slip effect is achieved by the intensive and deep embossing in the tarpaulin surface. Different types of anti-slip effects are achieved depending on the type of structure. Anti-slip tarpaulins are available in different weights, web widths and colours depending on the application.


Suitable Products:


VALMEX® Oriental

VALMEX® Nautica

VALMEX® Solera


VALMEX® Camping


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