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The Top Ten Desirable Features of Borehole Video Camera Systems

When Used in Small Boreholes.

1. Appropriate Depth Compatibility

The GeoVISION™ Deluxe systems are designed for maximum depths of 2000 feet with their longest cable. The Econo Light Duty has a maximum depth of 325 feet and the Econo Heavy Duty has a maximum depth of 1000 feet. These depths are more than adequate for the vast majority of borehole applications.  Additional depth capabilities require expensive housing and other features which reduce the cost effectiveness of the system for most users.

2. Versatile

GeoVISION™ can be used in many ways. The motorized mirror and Pan and Tilt attachments allow one to view in all directions. Attachment receptors are also available to measure water movement and distances.  See Down Hole Camera Techniques

GeoVISION™ systems may be powered from both 12 Volt DC or 110 AC. 

3. Good Customer Support Practical Advice

Marks Products provides good product support and creative help for GeoVISION™ users in developing solutions for water well, mining, and environmental problems withGeoVISION™ systems is available on the Marks Products, Inc. web site and by phone from the company employees that understand water wells and boreholes geology. See Down Hole Camera Techniques

4. Repairable Camera Systems and Good Repair Service

Marks Products, Inc. provides good and reliable repair service, and reasonable repair rates. All GeoVISION™systems are repairable. See repair page 

5. Appropriate Light Source

LED lights provide the best all-round light source for borehole applications due to the advent of low light video cameras. LEDs produce the most light for the energy consumed and are almost indestructible. GeoVISION™ uses LEDs with all systems and has optional means for attaching other lights sources for large boreholes

6. Cost Effective

The versatile GeoVISION™ camera systems are the most cost effective in meeting the varied needs of most drillers, miners, and environmental consultants.   Call or use theInformation Order Form to get prices.

7. Portable

All GeoVISION™ Econo systems can be carried by one person. The Deluxe systems can be carried by one or two people. All GeoVISION™ systems can be transported in almost any vehicle including automobiles. See the comparison table for field weights.

8. Durable

Most GeoVISION™ systems sold are still in use by the original owner, even those manufactured in 1989 when the first GeoVISION™ borehole system was produced. Resale value of GeoVISION™ systems remains high after many years.

9. Maneuverable and Small

GeoVISION™ video borehole camera systems are the smallest available. Not only are GeoVISION™ cameras small and fit into and out of small holes, the GeoVISION™ Econo and Deluxe systems have a threaded pipe fitting ready for attaching a user supplied pipe string so the camera can be pushed or pulled past obstructions. The camera can also be pushed and pulled horizontally or overhead.

10. High Quality Picture Resolution with an in-focus image in borehole situations.

GeoVISION™ customers say we have the best picture. A good high resolution image is obtained from allGeoVISION™ systems. The standard focus range of GeoVISION™ cameras is 2 inches to 3 feet. The camera is in usable focus from 1 inch to infinity.  A 5 inch to infinity focus range is available for mining and related uses as an alternative and can be adjusted at the factory.

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