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Perahu Karet AHSA Series

The boat with "a"shape bow and alumunium floor.

This model specially designed for professional use as work boats or rescue boats with a heavy load capacity, spacious dect, v-shape bottom and a-design bow. 


- Fabric Material: Mehler fabric made in Germany, thickness: 1.2 mm

- Rubbing Strake : Protect the boats agains bumps and knocks.

- Oar sets: Oar lock and oar holder keep the oars on the boats and easy for movement.

- Life Line : Durable life line for grasp and emergencies.

- Handle.

- Transom holder,

- Transom: made from marine grade plywood, mounted with motor pad inside and motor mount plate.

- Super D-ring.

- String for Fuel Tank.

- Cone.

- Drain Plug.

Standard Equipment :

- Alumunium floor board with anti slip                                         

- 2 pcs of alumunium oars                                  

- 1 pc Marine Grade plywood bench seat                  

- 1 pc Foot pump                                                       

- 1 pc Repairing Kit                                                    

- 1 pc Carrying Bag

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