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Commercial/private use parsail range

The new range of Waterbird® parasails listed below have up to 35% less line pressure against the boat size for size compared to any other parasail available around the world. This means as a commercial operator you can fly larger diameter Waterbird parasails in the same wind conditions during your average working day. This option to fly larger parasails  everyday allows you the operator to fly double and triple rides far easier and more often than you ever did before. You will also have the added advantage of more stability in higher winds due to the increased diameter.
Larger diameter parasails create more lift for the same conditions so you will also see a large saving in your running costs for the boat as the engine would be running at a lower RPM in all weather conditions.
Lift and drag are two entirely separate factors to each other in the design/performance of a parasail unlike traditional drogue parachutes that are designed for their drag characteristics only.
Available in up to 16 UV protected colours giving you an unlimited choice of design at no extra charge.
All parasails listed are made from either one of our 2 new high tenacity rip-stop nylon fabrics unique to Waterbird®. Specifications for our 2 new fabrics are on our custom made page together with the full colour range available.

Winchboat Parasail

High Wind Parasail

Beach Parasail

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