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Digital print

Digital printing differs from other printing methods in that it does not require a print die (print plate or template) for printing. The print medium is directly printed on using different types of inks. Printing widths of up to five metres are possible due to the fact that the printing medium is on a roll. Printing substrates from Mehgies are coated fabrics, in contrast to laminates. Coated print media are very resistant to the elements, which is extremely beneficial for long-term outdoor applications. The special surface finish gives the material an even print appearance and impresses with its colour radiance.
Mehgies also has PVC-free and flame retardant substrates in the range for indoor applications.


Suitable Products:

VALMEX® Print AIRTEX® Magic FR Duo


VALMEX® Print AIRTEX® Magic FR Blockuout

VALMEX® Facade

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