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Parasail Features

Waterbird parasails are equiped as standard with Quicktrim©.

Quicktrim© provides the ability to fine tune the parasail by simply zipping out any bias that develops. This simple system ensures your Waterbird continues to fly straight during its working life.

Note: Do not adjust any of the 16 lines to correct a bias.

Waterbird parasails are available with adjustable high wind zip pressure vents.

These zip vents allow your parasail to be used in a wider range of wind speeds. The average increase in max wind speed would be 30%.

High wind zip vents are a small cost option on all beach / winch boat models and standard on Cyclone models.

All Cyclone X HW parasails come with 4 adjustable high wind side vents together with HW zips. This allows you to fine tune the parasail for different weight loads or wind speed conditions throughout the working day.

The adjustable G Storm vents G1 and G2 can opened or closed in matching pair or in full to allow the parasail to operate in higher wind speeds with added stability and less resistance to the boat.

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