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Winchboats emerged in the late 1980's as a solution to the problems associated with conventional parasail operations. Originally all operations were beach based, which relied upon onshore winds or low wind conditions to perform effectively; they occupied valueble space on the beach and consequently became a focal point for other beach users.

Floating platforms or pontoons were the natural progression, they removed the operations from the beaches and where thus favoured by local authorities. Platforms/pontoons being less susceptible to wind direction could offer increased operating periods and so greater profitablility for operators. The down-side of the Pontoon method is that it requires regular maintenance and is vulnerable to damage from storms; again they are a focal point, for swimmers, jet-skiers and every other water user thus mixing powerboats and tow lines with people thereby decreasing the safety element.

Waterbird® winchboats are the solution to the problems associated with the traditional beach and pontoon based parasail operations, able to operate in a much broader spectrum of conditions than the traditional methods it maximises operator profitability whilst distancing the mechanical side from other beach users.

Originally introduced in 1987 by Brian Gaskin, The Waterbird® winchboat was Europe's first dedicated parasiling boat and the worlds first winchboat to be designed from the ground up and using knowledge from within the sport.

Waterbird® winchboats gave operators the ability to launch and retrieve flyers directly on to the boats built in platform, thus removing the need for beach sites or floating pontoons and the problems associated with them.

Operated by two-man crew, with as many as fourteen paying passengers Waterbird® designs brought efficiency, safety & professionalism to parasailing throughtout Europe.

The current models, the Flyride 24™, Flyride 28™,Cherokee 30™ and the Flyride 34™ are a result of the "Waterbird® continuous development policy" and offer potential and existing parasail operators a state of the art complete parasailing solution. 

Waterbird® range of winchboats have full CE approval and come standard with the Watebird® Launch Buddy™ parasail inflation system built in to all models for easier inflation of all sizes of parasails in any wind conditions. This unique system allows many owner operators the choice to employ parasail captains, so they can concentrate on running the business instead of working the business!


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