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Waterbird Doubleizer & Tripleizer


Maximum Profits / Minimum Fuss

Now an established favorite with operators world wide since 1995, the Doubleizer™ and Tripleizer™ bar guarantees and increase in business and profits without increasing operator workloads. The attraction of flying safely alongside a loved one whilst holding hands or flying with their whole family is just too great for many holiday makers to resist. Virtually every operator using the Waterbird® bar systems claim it has given their business a new lease of life. There are more Waterbird® designed bar systems working around the world that all available types combined.


Doubleizer Bar™

Over 2500 in use worldwide.

Easy to use by design.

Simply attach to the appropriate Waterbird parasail.

Clip harnessed passengers to colour coded straps and adjust the 7 point slider hook system for perfect balance.



Comfortable distance between flyers ensures no complaints about comfort  & promotes confidence.

No moving parts to maintain just normal daily maintenance.

Metal to metal connection between bar & parasail. (No safety wires ! correct by design)


Tripleizer Bar™

Over 2000 in use worldwide.

For use with our new larger Waterbird parasails, the Tripleizer bar seats from 1 to 3 persons in total comfort.

Fully adjustable 5 point slider system for weight balance.

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