Mehgies, tensile membrane, pvc coated, pvdf fabric.

MEHATOP® N retains advantages in the long-term

Our new Valmex® Mehatop N membranes were developed on the strength of more than 60 years of experience with fabrics, dust, dirt and other environmental influences cannot attach themselves to Mehler Texnologies newly developed VALMEX® MEHATOP N lacquer, and are rinsed off with ease or by the next rain.

Features of MEHATOP® N Lacquer:

* Conserve the appearance of your design

* Dirt and dust repellent

* Pollutant resistant

* Hydrophobic (pearleffect)

* High self-cleaning quality

* Saves on maintenance costs

* Enchanced colour stability

* Low friction capabilities

* Insulating characteristics

* 20 years warranty