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The VALMEX® product line

Not in a dream company founder Valentin Mehler would have thought in 1837 because his name would stand once the inspiration for the world's most recognized brand of coated technical textiles in the premium segment.

Distinctive quality products are manufactured from 1938 under this brand, which are used in their latest generation mainly in the textile architecture and other specialties of high-end applications.

Thus, tradition and modernity are the consistent permanent development activity in the house Mehler Texnologies.

Valmex® Mehatop® N

Valmex® Mehatop® F

Valmex® Facade

Valmex® FR700 strips

Valmex® Oriental

Valmex® Tivoli

Valmex® Industrial bellows

Valmex® Industrial crop guard

Valmex® Boat

Valmex® Nautica

Valmex® Pacific

Valmex® Soltex Marine

Valmex® Enviro pro Oil tank

Valmex® Enviro pro Flexible container

Valmex® Print

Valmex® Print AIRTEX® magic FR blockout

Valmex® Sol boutique

Valmex® Camping

Valmex® Garden-TOP

Valmex® Smart


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